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Event report: Flock 2013

Day 1

After a 44 hours flight + airport travel, finally managed to reach to Charleston airport around 3pm, our own, awesome "Jared Smith" came down to pick me up. Went to the hotel for a quick shower and ran to the venue. My workshop named "Document your code" was supposed to start at 4pm and somehow managed to do so. There were very less number of people but it seems they loved the whole idea of using Sphinx as a documentation system. Dave Crossland wrote about his experience in his blog post. After workshop, I started meeting all the people whom I knew for the last 7-8 years over IRC and mailing list (it is a long list of names ).

I wanted to attend the other workshop "Get Go-ing" but it was in the same time of my workshop. I went to the room after I finished and had nice chat with Vincent Batts who kept showing me all the cool hacks he was doing. I also hope that we will start having our first few Go packages in Fedora due to his excellent effort.

Later in the evening we all went to after party.

Day 2

Somehow managed to wake up around 5:30am in the morning and reached the venue on time with the whole Fedora Infrastructure team :)

The day started with "Luzbot keynote", this was first time I saw a working 3D printer, exciting time in future :) Next I attended Arun's "Fedora at Yahoo!" talk. He gave a very nice introduction of Fedora usage inside Yahoo! and what all technology parts they chose and why.

Next I had my own talk on Darkserver: Current and future roadmap Toshio and Pingou gave some nice suggestions, which I passed to my gsoc student, I hope he will be able to use them wisely. I also thank "Stephen Smoogen" for moving his talk into my day one time slot and allow me to present in his slot.

After having some nice lunch I spent the second half mostly talking with various people.

Day 3

Once again another amazing keynote by Dave Crossland. Next I attended "Ambassadors Work in a A Region - Annual Planning" talk, discussed over the we work and last few issues we had. The discussion was very constructive.

Second half I spent in between few talks and hallway discussions.

Day 4

After the morning GPG key signing, spent the day in Infrastructure Hackfest. Long discussions and design decisions were made. More details are in the corresponding mailing lists.

As a whole the event went very well, having less number of parallel tracks might help a bit more. Thanks to the whole organizing team and all contributors who made Flock 2013 a successful event.

Photos of the event can be found here.