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Fedora 22 release event in Pune

As I said in my blog post about FUDCon, we wanted to continue the effort on reaching to new contributors. The Fedora 22 release event was the start. Last Saturday, on 1st August we had the event in the Red Hat Pune office. Around 17 people attended the event.

We had the bi-weekly Fedora-APAC meeting on IRC from 9:30am, that is why most of the existing Fedora contributors reached early to join that meeting. After that we started our event around 10:45am with a welcome message.

What are the changes in Fedora 22 for workstation? Praveen Kumar started giving answer to that question. He also talked about the upcoming changes in Fedora 23 release.

Parag Namade took the stage after Praveen, he talked about packaging applications for Fedora Project. Two main things he pointed out are package naming guidelines, and packaging guidelines. He also talked about the new package review process. The second part of his talk was about FESCo.

I spoke next, before and after lunch. About both Fedora Server, and Fedora Cloud. I reused my slides from the Fedora Council meeting for the same.

What do you want to do for Fedora Project? Are you interested in any particular technology? Siddhesh Poyarekar asked these two questions to all participants first. He noted down the answers on white board, and slowly went through them. Bug zapping was the primary interest for many.

Priyanka Nag did a live blog post on the event.

We will continue with more events of similar kind, but more technically focused ones.