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HCL Capital Market Services (My Company)........... the beginning

I work in HCL Capital Market Services, work in a dept, where I have a chance to do some R&D type of works(only if they are in FOSS), though not much coding (means not so fun). But still really enjoying my job. I am also looking the various entry points for FOSS in our organization.

We have two internet kiosks in the office, having only windows. But I convinced my people to put doors in some of them & give a try. Someone in the office was telling that still LINUX is tough to handle as a Desktop OS. I asked him when did he last time see a LINUX BOX!!!!!! Answer: "two years ago".. after that he only saw terminal clients, not the GUI.

We can clearly understand that we need more coverage to the end users..............................

Monday I will help them in HCl CMS to put the DOORS :)