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PyCon Pune updates January, 2017

We have only a month left for first ever PyCon Pune. This is a short post with the latest updates from the conference organizing team. I am listing them below without any particular order.

  • Talk selection completed on time, and the schedule is now live.
  • We announced the availability of child care facility during the conference. The form is here.
  • From January 1st, the conference ticket price has gone up.
  • Most of the keynote speakers have booked their flight tickets.
  • Managing finances was going to be tricky and we needed a single point of contact to accept sponsorship money and reimburse expenses so that managing the money was as uncomplicated as possible. reserved-bit, a newly launched makerspace in Pune offered to help with that and Siddhesh has taken up the task of accounting for the conference, bringing in his experience of managing money for FUDCon Pune 2015.
  • We will resume our physical volunteer meetings from next week.