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Python development on 5th October

Pushed PEP 428 - object-oriented filesystem paths.

This PEP proposes the inclusion of a third-party module, pathlib_, in the standard library. The aim of this library is to provide a simple hierarchy of classes to handle filesystem paths and the common operations users do over them. pathlib: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pathlib/

Updated ftplib documentation The file obj passed to ftp.storbinary/storlines must be opened in binary mode. Files changed:

  • Doc/library/ftplib.rst

Issue #16138: Some typos got fixed, Files changed:

  • Doc/glossary.rst

Issue #14446: Remove deprecated tkinter functions Removed functions

  • static char * Merge(PyObject *args)
  • static char * AsString(PyObject *value, PyObject *tmp) Files changed:
  • Modules/_tkinter.c

Issue #16112: platform.architecture does not correctly escape argument to /usr/bin/file. Fix original patch Files changed:

  • Lib/platform.py Went in on 3.3, 3.2, 3.1 and on 2.7

Issue #16135: Removal of OS/2 support. Files changed:

  • Lib/test/regrtest.py
  • Lib/test/test_bz2.py
  • Lib/test/test_mailbox.py
  • Lib/test/test_select.py
  • Lib/test/test_signal.py
  • Lib/test/test_site.py
  • Lib/test/test_sundry.py
  • Lib/test/test_sys.py
  • Lib/test/test_sysconfig.py
  • Lib/test/test_thread.py
  • Lib/test/test_threadsignals.py
  • Python/importlib.h

In Lib/test/test_select.py SelectTestCase is now properly skipped in riscos.

Fix PyUnicode_Format(): return NULL if PyUnicode_READY(uformat) failed. This error cannot occur in practice: PyUnicode_FromObject() always return a "ready" string. Optimize unicode_compare(): use memcmp() when comparing two UCS1 strings Enable also ptr==ptr optimization in PyUnicode_Compare() It was already implemented in PyUnicode_RichCompare() Files changed:

  • Objects/unicodeobject.c
  • Include/unicodeobject.h

Issue #14997: disable in idle shell window. Files changed:

  • Lib/idlelib/config-extensions.def

Issue #15417: Add support for csh and fish in venv activation scripts. Files changed:

  • Doc/using/venv-create.inc
  • Lib/venv/scripts/posix/activate.csh
  • Lib/venv/scripts/posix/activate.fish