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"Python for you and me" got a new home and look

Python for you and me, my Python book got a new look and a new home.

When I started writing this book, I used Publican as it helped a lot to create a nice looking pdf and static html pages which I can easily put into web. But editing docbook xml was a pain and the tool itself keep breaking things.

So, this year decided to move to the book into a Sphinx based document. First I had to migrate the xml source files into reStructuredText format and then with little more manual editing, the book was ready to move. The primary git location also changed to github and it is also hosted in readthedocs.org for online view. Result ? I saw suddenly a number of patches started coming in from the students, almost everyone was being able to make any required changes. Pingou also added a guest chapter on Flask and we are slowly increasing the book's content.

A pdf copy is also available.

Right now I am doing small small incremental changes, please feel free to send in patches or simple github pull requests :)