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Retask 0.4 released

During this weekend in PyCon India I released Retask 0.4. You can install it from PyPi.

What is Retask ?

Retask is a python module to create and manage distributed task queue/job queue.

It uses Redis to create task queues. User can enqueue and dequeue tasks in the queues they manage. Each task can contain any JSON serializable python objects. We use JSON internally to store the tasks in the queues.

Features added

  • Python 3 support (Done with help from Toshio during Python 3 porting OpenSpace in PyCon US 2013)
  • Partially specifying a Queue config (Thanks to the patches from Ralph Bean).
  • API is much more simplified (Thanks to Kenneth Reitz for the tips).
  • Many documentation updates (Thanks to the patches from Maximiliano Curia).

New dependency

  • python-six for Python 3.

On going work

We are working on one C library and one for Go. With these one can enqueue tasks in from a system written in a different language and execute it in a worker with a different language.