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Rust, reproducibility and shadow-rs

Generally all of our Rust code are reproducible. If you build it in a fixed path, and also use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable, the final library or executables will be producible. This is really helpful, for example while building cryptography python wheel, I can keep building it in a reproducible way even with the Rust dependencies.

A few days ago I saw shadow-rs, which can provide a lot of build time information. For example, in khata now I have a way to tell if I am using any custom build and also identify which one. I was a bit worried as shadow allows to store the build time too, but later found that the community already put in the patches so that it follows SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

So, I can still have reproducibility if I use the same build toolchain and environment while depending on shadow. Here is some example code for you to play around.