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Summer training 2016 is on

The 9th edition of dgplug summer training started few weeks back. This year in the IRC channel (#dgplug on freenode) we saw around 186+ nicks participating in the sessions. Till now we have went through communication guidelines, IRC, mailing list how to, a text editor ( Vim in this case), blogging, basic bash commands, a few more bit advanced bash commands. We also learned about reStructured Text, and Sphinx. We also managed to live demos to all students from the mentor's terminal.

Even though most of the participants are new to Linux, we can see a better quality of questions coming from them, better point is that most of them are not afraid about asking questions. Which is a very good sign to see in the training. Few days back Trishna Guha took the first guest session of this year, she talked about her experience in the summer training last year, and how she has become an upstream contributor. If you read the logs, then you can see people asked all shorts of questions to her.

We also have a feed aggregator up where you can read the blog posts of the participants. I still have to add a few more blogs to this as many sent in the feed URLs much later.

If you are an upstream contributor, and you want to encourage this group of new participants, please drop me a note. We would love to see more upstream folks talking to these new/upcoming contributors. The sessions run on IRC, it can be in a time when you are available. So just ping me if you are interested to take a session :)