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Testing Fedora Cloud image with systemd-networkd

One of the change proposal I have submitted for Fedora 23 is about having systemd-netowrkd for network configuration. You can find the change page here. Instead of carrying the old network-scripts, we wanted to move to networkd, which is a part of systemd. Couple of the notable benefits are about how it will help us to keep the image size sane by not bringing in any external dependencies, and also about similarity between many different distribution based cloud images from users' point of view. You can look into the discussions on the Talk page, and the trac ticket.

In the last week's cloud meeting we decided to have a build of Fedora 22 cloud image with systemd-networkd on it. I made the required changes, and did the local build. You can download the qcow2 image, remember it is 218MB. You can use it in any cloud environment in a normal way. If you want to learn, and play around with the configurations, you may want to read this page. Please try the image and tell us what do you think in the comments section of this post.