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Testing systemd-networkd based Fedora 22 AMI(s)

Few days back I wrote about a locally built Fedora 22 image which has systemd-networkd handling the network configuration. You can test that image locally on your system, or on an Openstack Cloud. In case you want to test the same on AWS, we now have two AMI(s) for the same, one in the us-west-1, and the other in ap-southeast-1. Details about the AMI(s) are below:

Region AMI Name AMI ID Virtualization
ap-southeast-1 fedora22-networkd ami-e89895ba HVM

Start an instance from these images, and login. In case you want to use some different DNS settings, feel free to remove /etc/resolv.conf link, and put up a normal /etc/resolv.conf file with the content you want.