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Thank you Patrick


This post is say thank you to Patrick Uiterwijk, who is part of Fedora Infrastructure sysadmin team (along with nirik, and smooge). He is one of our silent warrior who keeps the Fedora Infrastructure running. Many may not heard about him, unless you came down to any of our admin or development IRC channels, and asked for help. I personally ask him for help in many different areas, starting for basic sysadmin questions, to complex deployment issues, to programming ideas. He is one of the hackers I know who can code in assembly to the web frontend as required. He is our main force behind Fedora Infrastructure Cloud, and spam fighting :) He is also our new Fedora Infrastructure Security Officer. If any of our new and young contributor thinks that she/he is too young to do things, you may want to look at Patrick's work. He started contributing back in 2012, and he is right now 24 :)

So, thank you once again for all the help.