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Toshiba satellite A80 & sk98lin

Yesterday got a Toshiba satellite A80 from company. Was very happy, about that. So, started installing Fedora Core 4 into it. Installed perfectly…. original masti starts then…

  1. No Ethernet card showing….
  2. No sound

The Ethernet card is from Marvell, 88E8036 model So downloaded sk98lin. I can’t install it for the first time, tried to generate a patch. Rebuild the whole kernel.. Idea didn’t work. Tried whole night….. In the morning installed FC4 again, this timte with a direct driver installation, asked sankarshan sir quite a few times, asked srini too. Then went to bindu, at least with the help from all of them it started working.

Still there was no sound…. Called Sankarshan sir again & again & again. alsaunmute command works… but every time I reboot , I have to give the command again….

At last.. it is working .. Currently busy to upgrade with yum…