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Updates from CentOS Cloud SIG

Back in 2014 we started working on CentOS Cloud SIG. This SIG started with focus on packaging, and maintaining different FOSS IaaS platforms. We are not a vendor specific group, means anyone who wants to keep their cloud project maintained in the CentOS ecosystem, are very welcome to join, and work in this SIG.

We have our regular IRC meeting on every Thursday at 15:00 UTC in the #centos-devel IRC channel on freenode. The regular meeting agenda is kept updated on a etherpad. The major points from this week's meeting are

  • We have an upcoming RDO test day on 10th March. More details are on this blog post.
  • There will be a live demo about TripleO, you can view it on 9th March in youtube.
  • OpenNebula folks were missing from the meeting, but we remember that they need more help in porting the required packages. So, if you want to start contributing OpenNebula or CentOS this can be your chance :)

The next meeting is in next week at the same time. See you all there.