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Upgraded to Fedora 25

Generally I used to upgrade after the Alpha releases, but this time I decided to wait till the final release. Reason: just being lazy. The other point is of course the nightly cloud images, which I am using for a long time.

Before I upgraded my laptop, the first step was to sync the gold release of Everything repo, and then the updates repo for x86_84. The Everything repo is around 55GB, and the updates was 14GB+ when I synced. After I managed to get the local mirror at home fully synced, I upgraded using dnf system-upgrade.

There were a few small hickups due to random rpms I had on my F24 box. After removing those packages, the upgrade followed the standard path. Everything looks normal with the reboot. As I use i3wm, there is not much change for me visually other than the nice new wallpaper.