Summer training 2014 started

Posted: 2014-07-01T22:14:26+05:30

2014 version of dgplug summer started this weekend. Though there were 600+ registrations, we can see 130+ participants regularly during the session in the IRC channel. It is still a huge number of participants for us.

There are few participants who already informed us that due to timezone difference, they will follow the logs and the mailing list.

This year along with the session logs, we are also putting up small details into this guide. Hoping that this document will grow with time.


My new walking desk

Posted: 2014-06-26T18:45:03+05:30

I was spending a lot of time on my chair. My fitbit was telling me that on the face everyday. I had a trademill at home and of course was not using it enough.

Decided to change the scene with a walking desk. Converted my treadmill to a walking desk with the stuff found inside of my office room :) Did around 17k steps in day1 and around 20k+ steps from next day. I am feeling great. I increased the height of the monitor after I took this picture.


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