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retask 1.0 is out

Retask is a super simple Task Queue written in Python. It uses Redis in the backend, and works with both Python2, and Python3. The last official release was 0.4 back in 2013. The code base is very stable and we only received few queries about adding new features.

So, after almost 2+ years, I have made a new release, 1.0. Marking it super stable for using in the production. Currently it is being used in various projects within Fedora Infrastructure, and I also heard about internal usages in different companies. I have started writing this module because I was looking for something super simple to distribute jobs in different computers/processes.

You can install it using pip (updated rpm packages are coming soon).

$ pip install retask

Below is an example of queueing in some data using Python dictionaries.

from retask import Task
from retask import Queue
queue = Queue('example')
info1 = {'user':'kushal', 'url':'http://kushaldas.in'}
info2 = {'user':'fedora planet', 'url':'http://fedoraplanet.org/'}
task1 = Task(info1)
task2 = Task(info2)

Go ahead, have a look into it. If you have any queries, feel free to ping me on IRC, or leave a comment here.