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2017 blog review

Around December 2016, I decided to work more on my writings. After asking around a few friends, and also after reading the suggestions from the masters, it boiled down to one thing. One has to write more. This is no shortcut.

So, I tried to do that through out 2017. I found early morning was the easiest time for me to read/write as there is not much noise, and most importantly, Py still sleeps :).

The biggest point while starting was about what to write? I tried to write about whatever I found useful to me, or things I am excited about. I wrote using FocusWriter (most of the time), and saved the documents as a plain text file (as I use Markdown format in my blog). I also received help from many of my friends, who were kind enough to review my writings. Having a second pair of eyes for the writings is really important, as they can help to not only find the errors, but also show you better ways to express yourself.

One of my weak point (from the childhood) is a small stock of words to express myself. But, that also means my sentences do not have any words which one has to search to find the meaning.

If I just look at the numbers, I wrote 60 blog posts in 2017, which is only 7 more than of 2016. But, the number of views of the HTML pages is more than doubled.

Did your writing skill improved a lot?

The answer is no. But, now, writing is much more easier than ever. I can sit down with any of my mechanical keyboards, and just typing out the things on my mind.

If you ask me about one single thing to read on this topic, I will suggest On Writing by Stephen King.

One thing still can not do on time is replying to emails. Kind of drowned in too many emails. I am trying to slowly unsubscribe from various lists I have joined over the years. I hope you will find the future blog posts useful in different ways.