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A journey to showfoto

I use gimp as the main post process tool for my photographs. Which is anyway a very powerful tool. But most of the options available there are not required for me. Looked for another application which  is lighter and powerful at the same time. I tried showfoto long back, never liked the UI that time. Thought of giving another try tonight.

I have a 0.10.0-beta5 installed in my F-9 system (the package came from rawhide though). After starting the application default options(buttons to click) look much lesser, cooler for eyes :)

I opened my raw image in it, took some time but came finally(Is there any chance to make it a bit faster ?). The first thing I tried was to adjust the level, found the desired dialogue after two clicks. All other basic required options are there in the color menu entry including brightness/saturation/channel mixer. Btw, F10 and F11 buttons will help you to see under and over exposed places in the shot.

Here is a snap edited in showfoto.


You can find my other shots here.

It seems I can now use it for post processing, which also means I am back to digikam once agian :)