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Dear pep582

Dear pep582,

By now, you know that your idea has been rejected, but it came with suggestions for any future ideas. You thought you could be more useful if everyone gets it in the same way, but that will also cause more maintenance burden to the upstream authors in the future. I personally tried to stay with you during this 5 year+ long journey. A lot happened in life during that time. You helped me to make new friends, and helped many young ones during the workshops.

Even though formally the PEP is rejected, the implementation will be updated as required. You helped before, and you will help many in the future too. Just the way to reach you will be different.


Congratulations Anwesha

The year 2022 gave me one of the happiest moments in my life, and I also felt proud as Anwesha joined the Ansible community team as a software engineer in Red Hat. Proud because she became the best example of someone to whom I taught things about computers (she has multiple mentors/friends who helped her during this journey). Though sometimes that created trouble at home, the output is super lovely. From a Masters in Law to a software engineer in Red Hat is a good story.

Also, Red Hat has a special place in our home. I left Red Hat more than 5 years ago, but still, you will notice how Red Hat (the friends there and the culture) changed my life and later the life of our family. Oh, the other special thing is that Anwesha will have her own Red Fedora now :)

2021 blog review

Last year I wrote only a few blog posts, 19 exactly. That also reduced the views, to around 370k from 700k year before (iirc).

The post about Getting TLS certificates for Onion services was the highest read post in this year, 9506 views.

A major part of the year went to thinking if we can survive the year, India's medical system broke down completely (the doctors and staff did some amazing job using whatever was available). Everyone I know lost someone in COVID, including in our family. All 3 of us were down in COVID from the end of April & the recovery was long. For a few days in between I could not remember any name.

After the COVID issues came down in brain (that is after getting the vaccines), next we were also waiting for our move to Sweden.

At the beginning of 2022, things look a bit settled for us. In the last few weeks of 2021, I managed to start writing again. I am hoping to continue this. You can also read about the 2018 or 2017, 2016 reviews.