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Current status of the summer training programme from dgplug

Couple of days back I wrote about the Summer training programme from dgplug.

We got a pretty good response from the students, also few guys applied who are working in big MNC(s). The current list of the students:

* Amit Daga
* Amrita Mukherjee
* Aritra Bose
* Arpita Kapoor
* Bappy Modak
* Biswas Parajuli
* Chikan Banerjee
* Debashri Banerjee
* Deepak Kumar
* Harsh Verma
* Kishan Goyal
* Kumarjit Sen
* Mitesh Sharma
* Muralidhar Kamidi
* Partha Chowdhury
* Pramit Roychowdhury
* Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury
* Ratnadeep Debnath
* Ravi Jha
* Ria Das
* Rishi Kanth Alapati
* Roshan Kumar singh
* Rumpa Dey
* Samarjit Adhikari
* Sandeep Kumar
* Sayan Chakrabarti
* Shreyank Gupta
* Soumya
* Souvik Ray
* Srinwantu Dey
* Sumit Chakraborty
* Sunny Sharma
* Sushil Pandey
* T. Vignesh Prabhu
* Tanmaya Tewari
* Tanumoy Ghatak

You can find the course details here, the current plan is to have regular IRC based classes, plus long sessions on the weekends. Mbuf is going to start the course, he is going to discuss "Communication skills", "Free Software project guidelines", "Code cross-referencing tools". Hobbes agreed to take classes on Basic system administration. Svn will be taught by Pradeepto. Pjp agreed to go for "Basics of C programming using gcc", I am planning to take classes on Python if no one else comes up. But still we are missing guides for Vi and Wiki and all advance topics. I am asking help for volunteers to teach these tools. Classes are supposed to be of around 1-2 hour and alternative days (but all depends on trainer) in the night time in India (GMT + 5:30) over irc at #dgplug on freenode. At the end of the basic course, we are going to push the students to different FOSS projects on work on, may be starting with filling bug reports, sending patches, or documentation help. To all project developers/maintainers , if you want to get these newbies join your project, please come and give inspiration. Please mail me (kushal AT fedoraproject DOT org) so that I can arrange the schedule on irc. This is first time we are doing this ,thinking that this will help both the students and the community (to get them in the community) :)

I am looking forward for comments.