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Event report: Fedora 24 release party Pune

Last Saturday we had the Fedora 24 release party in Pune. This was actually done along with our regular Fedora meetup, and in the same location. We had a few new faces this time. But most of the regular attendees attended the meetup.

Chandan Kumar started the day with a presentation about new features in Fedora 24. We tried to see a few those in our laptops. During the discussions Parag , and Siddhesh pointed how important is self learning for us. Siddhesh also talked about a few project ideas on Glibc. In one of the previous meet, many of the attendees sent PR to the Fedora Autocloud testcases. We talked about those for few minutes. From yesterday, I am actually merging them in master.

As a group we decided to work on to make a modern version of glibc documentation. There is no git repo yet, but I will provide the links when we have something to show. As a group our goal is to do more upstream contribution. One thing I noticed that most of the attendees were dgplug summer training participants.