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Fedora 20 on Eucalyptus

We have another great release, already 10 years over. I still remember the day I read about Fedora for the first time, I was still running RHL7.3, never upgraded from there. Had some mixed reaction about the announcement but after trying out Fedora Core 1, it was all fun.

Over the next few years, myself became part of the amazing community. People were from every part of the world, made some great friends and, we go along very well still now. Releases after releases, people worked very hard to make sure things are in shape. Thanks to all those volunteers who made this possible.

I am still waiting for the new laptop, as soon as I get it, my first step will be to install Fedora 20 on it. I am already running it in my private cloud at home and now you can also do that very easily.

Yesterday I packaged the official cloud image into an eustore image and, it is now live in emis.eucalyptus.com and, also on Eucalyptus Community Cloud. If you are running a private cloud, you can just install with the following command

# eustore-install-image -i 0355237665 -b testbucket

If you have an account in the community cloud, you can start a new instance with Fedora 20 or you can apply for a new account here.