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I am back (hopefully )

I am back!!

Last one month I was away from all the work I used to do. Now trying to get back to my normal life :p

What I was (actually is) doing: Packaging around 58 debian packages, yes debian, for my office work. And most of them are my team’s code, so in the same time testing & fixing job is going on. Jace is trying to convert me into a ubuntu guy and that I will not be. I am still very much happy with Fedora. Btw, among those debian packages, some are windows appplications , strange , isn’t it :)

Other news:

  • A new mailing list for dgplug. We are again trying to use mails for communication among us. Currently everything is IRC/phone based.

  • Fixing Chotha for the first release.

  • Spending time on photos. Some are here.

  • Sent a proposal to my college management for a new college website. The current sites suck a lot. You can see some beautiful comments about them . The proposal is here. And a jpeg version of the ideas.

New problem: Now a days , I am making one grammatical mistake in every two lines I speak.