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January 2017 PyLadies Pune meetup

Like many of the previous PyLadies Pune meetups, I took a session in this month’s meetup too. System programming basics was the topic for my session. We did the session for around an hour, but as this month’s session also had a guest session over hangout, we could not go longer. We will do a full day workshop on the same topic in future.

Guest session from Paul Everitt

In his session, Paul wrote a very simple game using Arcade module in PyCharm. I relayed any doubts from the participants over chat to him, he responded to those in the live session. You can watch the recording of the full session on Youtube.

Paul had to wake up at 6:30 AM to take this session for us, so all of us were very happy and grateful that he did that for us.

This was the first time Anwesha could not attend the meetup due to Py’s health. We had around 28 people in the meetup, the highest till date.