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Lekhonee v0.4 released

I am happy to announce the release of Lekhonee 0.4 .You can download the source from here. RPM(s) for Fedora 11 are available in the project homepage.

The main features of this release:

  • Simplified configuration system
  • Fixed bugs on creating new blog entries
  • Editing last entered entry related issues fixed
  • A new front-end for Gnome is introduced
  • A small self advertisement message will be added at the end of the blog posts, can be turned off using 'Edit' menu.
The main change in this release is of course the front-end for Gnome. I tried to keep both KDE and Gnome based UI(s) look alike. Btw, you have to enter password everytime you run the application as I am not saving the password any more.

Lekhonee kde based frontend

Lekhonee frontend from Gnome

The post is bought to you by lekhonee v0.4