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Looking back at my blog posts

Few weeks back I wrote about my writing habit. I decided to look back at the previous years for more numbers on the same. This post is about those numbers. I looked at 2012-2014 as reference time frame.


I was using Wordpress as the blogging engine. Posts were made from a desktop client. I had total twenty four posts and around 4263 total words on them. Total page views 70598.


I moved into Nikola as my blogging engine. Moving to static was a major decision, but it went well. Wrote twenty three posts with 9523 words in them. Total page views 380011.


I stayed with static posts, but started writing ink the Markdown format. Writing was even simpler than restructured text formats. I also started using Shonku, a static blogging tool written in golang. I. Wrote twenty nine posts with 8499 words. Total page views 756604.

I can see more people or bots are reading my blog posts. Not much improvement in writing quality or in numbers of posts, though I am trying to keep the posts in even simpler English.

I am writing regularly every night. Whatever is in my mind, I am writing them down. I will not publish them, but at least feeling good with regular writing.