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Need help to test Fedora Cloud images

Fedora Cloud Working Group maintains two different types of Cloud images, Cloud base image (which is a minimal standard Fedora build for Cloud), and also the Fedora atomic image (from Project Atomic). We also maintain, and release the Vagrant images for the same. We are on our way to keep releasing updated Atomic images every two weeks, and updated cloud images once every month. This means we need more help in testing the images.

Autocloud is a new service running in Fedora Infrastructure which automatically tests the cloud images. In a last post I wrote about Autocloud, but it does not test every aspect of the images. We are yet to be in a state where we can say that 100(s) of tests are keeping eye on the images automatically. We need the support from the community in both writing new tests, and also testing the images manually. This is a great way not only to help the community, but also a chance to learn about the latest container and cloud technologies. You will be not only working with the Cloud WG, but will also be in touch with Fedora QA, and Fedora Infra group. If you are interested feel free to add your name in this list, or ping me (nick name kushal) on #fedora-cloud channel.