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New release of lekhonee-gnome

I just released lekhonee-gnome ( desktop client for Wordpress ) v0.9. You can download the source from here or look for the rpm F-12 or F-13

This is a complete rewrite of lekhonee-gnome in Vala. So, it is not anymore a gtk frondend to the previous python based one. 

Around 2 weeks back mether pointed me to Vala and I started porting lekhonee-gnome. The developers from IRC room #vala helped me a lot to learn and understand the basics of this new language and solving issues while I was working on it. Later siddesh , rakesh and paragn helped me to do the autoconf/autotool things fixed.

  • By default it will open WYSIWYG editor mode , people can still edit raw HTML by clicking the "Edit HTML" button in the right hand corner.
  • Added option for of extra HTML tags (HTML Tags menu) if one is editing HTML
  • Save/Open blog posts in the local computer in plain xml format , so that you can edit them in any editor
  • the configuration file is now a keyfile
  • In the WYSIWYG editor one can do Spell check by right clicking into  "Spelling and Grammar" submenu
  • While editing HTML one can use Spell Check box
  • There is a progress bar in the statusbar area which will give visual feedback to the user whenever it will connect to server for any task
  • The "Add Category" button is disabled in this release, will come back in the next release :)
We need more testing and please file bug reports according to that. 

The post is brought to you by lekhonee-gnome v0.9