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Report: Fedora 24 Cloud/Atomic test day

Last Tuesday we had a Fedora 24 test day about Fedora Cloud, and Atomic images. With help from Adam Williamson I managed to setup the test day. This was first time for me to use the test day web app, where the users can enter results from their tests.

Sayan helped to get us the list of AMI(s) for the Cloud base image. We also found our first bug from this test day here, it was not an issue in the images, but in fedimg. fedimg is the application which creates the AMI(s) in an automated way, and it was creating AMI(s) for the atomic images. Today sayan applied a hotfix for the same, I hope this will take care of issue.

While testing the Atomic image, I found docker was not working in the image, but it worked in the Cloud base image. I filed a bug on the same, it seems we already found the root cause in another bug. The other major issue was about upgrade of the Atomic image failing, and it was also a known issue.

In total 13 people volunteered in the test day from Fedora QA, and Cloud SIG groups. It was a successful event as we found some major issues, but we will be happy not to have any issues at all :)