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Running gotun inside Taskotron

A few weeks ago I wrote about how can we run gotun inside Jenkins. Following the same path, today I am writing how can we run gotun inside Taskotron. Tim Flink & Mike Ruckman (roshi) helped me to do the initial setup.

Setting up the system

In my laptop I created a job.yml following an example Tim posted on IRC.

name: runs gotun inside taskotron

    - docker

  - name: run the job
      - gotun --job commands

I also had the real definition of the gotun job in the commands.yml file, and the tests in commands.txt file. In this job, I am firing up an instance in the Fedora Infra Cloud. After this, I just ran the runtask command to start the job.

$ sudo runtask -i foo-1.2.3 -t koji_build job.yml

This way we can put gotun inside Taskotron, and then execute the same set of tests we run currently for testing Fedora Atomic images.