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Strobist meet

With warming gel

Yesterday we had a strobist meet , it was kind of boot camp.

Had a very little(2 hours) sleep in Friday night and got ready at 4.00AM , taxi came, I went to pick up Sushma. We reached MG Road on time and then found Akshath was still at home waiting for others. Finally we (me , Sushma, Akshath, Manas, Arpita) started around 6am. Avinash and Rajesh were in the other car. Around 8 reached at the hotel where Danny and Sunil put up, had a quick breakfast.

Then we went down to the river through a pass just beside the hotel. Akshath already briefed us about the basics. I tried couple of shots in the manual mode. I always used to shoot in Aperture priority mode. We divided it two groups and people started trying different ideas. I don't think Sushma was never bored so much in a day before :(

Enjoying the place

Around 1:30 we went to another resort for lunch which went upto 4, then as some of started doing hard light shots others took some rest. Suddenly rain came :) Had some fun while running for cover :P

After the rain stopped we again came back to the first hotel and start shooting with many strobes. Below you can see some nice setup shots :p Can some one fix this Don't fall please

As far as the learning, I learnt the basics and understood that I have to do lot of experiments to reach a stable phase to understand it. Anyway I moved to manual and thats a huge thing for me :D

You saw the first photo, now the same without warming gel Without warming Gel The set can be found here.