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Sunrise with a different view

Yet another Monday, but the day was different. After waking up, I was not in a hurry to take bath and fix my laptop bag, instead took time to keep looking from the window to the outside. After more than 5 years, I was not in a rush to run to the office, instead the office came to my house.

I started the system to login to the IRC for my new job, in the community team of Eucalyptus. After the initial setups were done, I went ahead and started watching few recorded talks.

I am already running Eucalyptus in my home network for a private cloud for some time, where I test Fedora cloud images, and keep doing all random experiments. I will write about them in next few blog posts. Having centos instances also helped to test the Python codes in Python 2.6 series.

My primary job responsibility will be the community, to learn and grow with everyone else, to make sure that people can build the private cloud, they always wanted.