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translation-filter 1.0 released

A massive jump in the release number and now we have translation-filter 1.0 :) Download the source from here. What is translation-filter ? It is a tool to imporve l10n quality by helping in finding different corner cases. This is being developed as a part of aukur.org.in . It is having two GUI(s), one Gnome and one for KDE and a command line version. Couple of the features are only available in the command line version. Different features of translation-filter:

  • It can search for word(s) in a given directory or some selected files. The result will be saved as an HTML file or can also be seen in the command line. By using this features one can check consistency of usage
  • It can create single word based list from the given .po files. It will contain both the term and translated string(s)
  • It can check for any unattached dependent vowel sign. Right now it can find that for the Indic languages. Like ি and া can not sit beside

To know more about different options read here.

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