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Updating Qubes OS

Using updated software is a normal thing, also a few of us get more excited and use latest (not so stable) packages from the testing branch. This helps to detect bugs in the software before they go out the general availability.

As I was already using the RC1 release of Qubes, I thought of upgrading to the latest testing packages.

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-current-testing

As we already know that dom0 does not connect to the network, it actually uses an UpdateVM to download the packages first, and then the packages are sent to dom0. DNF takes care of the actual install/update of the package.

I rebooted the box after the update was done. One of the major change I can see is with copy/pasting text. It is not asking to confirm the extra dialog box while pasting. I can simply copy text, press Ctrl+shift+c and then go to another domain and press Ctrl+shift+v, and then right click and paste (or press Ctrl+v).

I have also updated the Fedora25 templateVM to the latest from my local Fedora mirror. While trying to attach a local image file using loop device (in dom0) to a VM I got into this issue.

I could not find any Fedora 26 repo for Qubes yet, Fedora 25 is the latest there. Fedora 27 release date is in less than 2 months. And then in another month Fedora 25 will be EOL. I hope developers will release packages to upgrade to F26 at least by then.