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How to get a TLS certificate for a domain in your local network?

How to get a TLS certificate for a domain inside of my local network? This was a question for me for a long time. I thought of creating a real subdomain, getting the certificate, and copying over the files locally, and then enforcing local domain names via the DNS or /etc/hosts. But, during the TLS training from Scott Helme, I learned about getting certificates via DNS challenge using acme.sh.

I use DreamHost nameservers for most of m domains. I got an API_KEY from them for only DNS manipulation.

Next, I just had to execute one single command along with the API_KEY to fetch fresh and hot certificate from Let's Encrypt.

The following command fetches for fire.das.community subdomain.

DH_API_KEY=MYAPIKEY acme.sh --issue --dns dns_dreamhost -d fire.das.community

There is a wiki page listing how to use acme.sh tool for various DNS providers.