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Bijra High School Project... the current status

As the main Bijra blog is not updated yet, I am trying to explain what is the current status.

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In the last 15th Nov we had a successful opening of the LTSP setup at Bijra. Prof. Ashoke Ranjan Thakur, Vice Chancellor of West Bengal University of Technology kindly donated us 5 computers including a server and 4 clients. Indranil Dasgupta, CTO of L2C2 Technologies helped our boys by giving the training and handling the technical difficulties.

The system is based on a customized Fedora 7. Mainly running GNOME desktop with all KDE based educational applications. Including the major applications from the Fedora repository, it also contains a DVD dump of Wikipedia, archive from Ankur Bangla project, and the great book from Dipankar da which can be found here.

Currently the students are learning by themselves. It is a great fun to see them doing stuffs and I shouldn't miss the help of l10n. As the students are natively Bengali speaking, they are jumping on the screen as they see all bengali there :)

The flickr photo set is here.

A news report (in Bengali) and few videos can be found here.