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dgplug tv, my trip to durgapur

I am trying to make this , thanks to Vivek Khurana for the design and css. I messed up few videos I had, so wait for couple of weeks to get it ready.

Tomorrow I am going back home :) So, almost no internet for next one week. my first task in the todo list is to visit my doctor as the right arm is still not in good shape.

Next week I am going to move around in few engineering collages in the locality , will be giving talks on dgplug , and Fedora. I am also going to visit Bijra. I don't remember if I posted this link before or not.

My target is to get some more contributors. Congratulations to Soumya for joining the team. I am sure he is going to be a good recruit (he is still waiting for his net connection ).

Bijra High School Project... the current status

As the main Bijra blog is not updated yet, I am trying to explain what is the current status.

00098-1.jpg 00096-1.jpg

In the last 15th Nov we had a successful opening of the LTSP setup at Bijra. Prof. Ashoke Ranjan Thakur, Vice Chancellor of West Bengal University of Technology kindly donated us 5 computers including a server and 4 clients. Indranil Dasgupta, CTO of L2C2 Technologies helped our boys by giving the training and handling the technical difficulties.

The system is based on a customized Fedora 7. Mainly running GNOME desktop with all KDE based educational applications. Including the major applications from the Fedora repository, it also contains a DVD dump of Wikipedia, archive from Ankur Bangla project, and the great book from Dipankar da which can be found here.

Currently the students are learning by themselves. It is a great fun to see them doing stuffs and I shouldn't miss the help of l10n. As the students are natively Bengali speaking, they are jumping on the screen as they see all bengali there :)

The flickr photo set is here.

A news report (in Bengali) and few videos can be found here.