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FUDCon at foss.in and my talks

So another FUDCon in India after two years :) Join us in FUDCon @ foss.in on 28th November , 2008, city Bangalore,place IISC auditorium. Me and Rahul Sundaram jointly proposed the FUDCon at foss.in and we are in a continuous communitation with foss.in team so that everything goes smoothly.

I am giving a talk on "Getting Started with OLPC Activity Development". In this talk I will do a post mortem of a simple "Hello World!" activity. The activities are written in Python and they run on Sugar.  So if you want to jump start into the development on this beautiful platform join us there :) Btw, there will be another talk on Sugar by Sayamindu in FUDCon. Me and Soumya will also try to gather more people to test KDE packages on Fedora. More details about FUDCon will come in the future posts.