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How to install Soas on your regular box

Soas (Sugar on a Stick) is a LiveUSB system with sugar on it. It is based on Fedora. You can carry it and boot anywhere as you want like any other live system. You can download the ISO from here.

I was using it on a Eee PC (4GB model), suddenly thought of installing it on the system.

The other Fedora based systems have an option on desktop to install on hard disk, but this system is running sugar so no desktop means no such option. From the #fedora-devel I found the command is "liveinst" which is part of anaconda.

So I installed anaconda ( #yum install anaconda ) and then used the command "liveinst" ( without quotes) , this will fire up the installer for you. Then go through like any other installation. After finishing the installation I found X was crashing, tried with many different config but nothing helped. Finally decided to install gdm and gnome on that box ( #yum install @gnome-desktop gdm ),  also installed system-switch-displaymanager using which I changed the display manager to gdm. Next task was to change the init to 5 in inittab. Rebooted and found gdm , chose "sugar" as the desktop option and logged in :)

If you want any help come to #sugar on freenode.