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lekhonee v0.6 released

I just released lekhonee v0.6 . Download the source.

For RPM(s) , download from koji.

New features and fixes:

  • Preview option fixed in the KDE based frontend, old menu based options removed
  • Editing option for the last 10 blog posts. Users please tell me if you need to get more
  • Insert Link error in the gnome frontend is fixed
  • Add categories is also working under gnome frontend (forgot to write code in the last release)
  • "Save Draft" option on the gnome frontend is also working (Again forgot to write the code)

If you want to go back from the "Old Posts" list in the gnome frontend , just select anything the list and press "Escape", in KDE one, there is a button on top to handle this.

To edit the entries you have to double click on the post title.


The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.6