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MH - 12 DS 228 , the drunk driver who hit my bike

First of all, I am safe. Front part of the bike broke. I was coming back home from office , around 11:50pm, in front of Koregaon park chouki, a whitish car in front of me slowed down and stopped, so I also stopped more than a feet behind. Suddenly that car started coming back in reverse, and it's behind portion came on top of my bike's front tire. I was using my bike's horn at full , but he never listened , and then I understood that he was drunk. He came out of car with 1 male friend and girl. The driver was drunk , aged less than 40 started shouting at me, twice I went back few steps as he was almost inĀ  a mood to hit me. He threatened me of police, when I said lets go to police station he suddenly ran to the car, his friend followed him and the girl went to some other car in different direction. The number of the car which hit my bike is MH-12 DS 228 .

I tried to do an F.I.R. to the police station nearby but no one was there. So I went to Shrasti nagar police station, they asked me to go to Koregaon park police chouki , so I went back again. There they just took the details in a white paper and asked me to go home, they said they will check later in the morning.

Yes, I am a bit upset with the police's behaviour. But more than to that drunk driver, he looked like some manager kind of guy (from clothing) , and he thinks as he is having money he owns the road. I am lucky nothing happened to me physically but things might went different. In newspapers we regulary read how people are getting killed by drunk drivers.

My kind request to the responsible people don't drink and drive. And also please help me to find this person, if you are in Pune, try to see if you know this car or ask your friends if they know anything. Give them the car's number.