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Want to play your favourite song/movie on OLPC ?

Truth Happens

So, if you want to play your favourite song/movie on OLPC use Jukebox.activity. Started working on this for the last few days after Sayam pointed me to the activity. It was almost in a stagnant condition.

My PyQt mind was someway different than writing this PyGtk stuff :) Sayam helped a lot.

The following features added as of now:

  • Full Screen option
  • Volume Control support
  • Supporting m3u playlists
  • Internet radios through m3u files.
  • Next/Previous buttons , if you open a playlist with more than one song
Playing songs

Will do a formal release within this weekend. I have a .xo file ready for testing. Please provide your feedback :D

If you want to start writing your own activity , start from this.