New house and new city
Posted: 2008-08-04T19:07:34+05:30

New house

New House

Opposite to my house

Opposite to my house

Outside office

Office area


svn stat
Posted: 2008-07-22T09:46:02+05:30

A        New House A        Road Tax

Now whoever told me that Pune is cheap, forgot to inform that new parts of Pune is costlier than Bangalore :(


Good Bye Bangalore
Posted: 2008-07-13T04:13:14+05:30

I am moving out of the city just after completing 3 years here.

See you all in Pune :)


Look before you speak
Posted: 2008-07-07T15:18:32+05:30

The line is for me and should be working for others too. Couple of weeks back I just asked one of the well known Fedora contributor to go and ask in #fedora instead of asking in #fedora-devel.  He was in shock listening to that. Sometimes I do miss the mappings of IRC nick and real name and this was one such bad time :(

Now trying to indentify first then only speaking :)


My new hackergotchi
Posted: 2008-07-04T11:10:13+05:30


Paperworks to be finished
Posted: 2008-07-02T01:18:10+05:30

Now too many paperworks left to be finished. I hate to circle these Govt. buildings everyday for them :(


আমি বেকার , আমি বেকার
Posted: 2008-06-30T23:13:16+05:30

কি আনন্দ আকাশে বাতাসে :)

আগামি কয়েকদিন আমি বেকার


Some more thoughts on
Posted: 2008-06-30T01:08:23+05:30

Fedora community is something which I love to work for. Now already debarshi pointed out his opinion. I completely agree on his points. When I brought this point up, my concern was (which is still same) to keep our community’s name clean.

The owner of the domain may think it is very nice to earn money from advertisements  while using the community’s goodwill and name, but it pissed us off.

I wish if I can use free() in the real world.


So it started
Posted: 2008-06-29T00:52:16+05:30

We started the summer training today :)

I thought of having at most 10 students, but in time more than 30 students were present in the room. Debarshi started talking classes on simple shell commands , he was too good :)  Then after dinner I took Vim class. We will continue everything tomorrow.

You can find chat logs here.

Tomorrow we will again starting from 7pm. pjp will start “C programming with gcc” from tomorrow 10:30pm.


My .vimrc file
Posted: 2008-06-26T00:48:49+05:30

Here is the current version

set nocompatible
set et
set ai
set sw=4
set ts=8
set si
set nu
set is
set ic
set sm
set sta
syn on
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set hlsearch
set ruler
set nobackup
set nowritebackup
au FileType make set noet
Now tell me some more cool settings I can add here.


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