Linked lists session on #dgplug, Friday, 8pm IST
Posted: 2008-09-04T18:55:11+05:30

Debarshi will take a session on linked lists at #dgplug tomorrow 8pm IST. This is a part of the summer training sessions


Ksnapshot, the photographer in your computer
Posted: 2008-09-04T00:31:40+05:30

ksnapshot, the photographer in your system

Ksnapshot, the photographer in your computer. This application helps you to take screenshot or snapshot of your system. You can use those screenshots to describe your problem/points in a better way. It can even take snapshot of any particular window or a region. You can even add some delay, after which it will take the snapshot. Watch the video here.


Okular, the universal document viewer video
Posted: 2008-09-02T01:21:03+05:30


Okular, the universal document viewer. It can open different file formats. Few formats are:

  • PDF
  • PS
  • Tiff
  • CHM
  • DjVu
  • Images
  • DVI
  • XPS
  • ODT
  • Fiction Book
  • Comic Book
  • EPub
You can watch the video here.


Marble video and Hi to planet KDE
Posted: 2008-09-01T01:53:24+05:30

Want to say “Hi planet KDE” :)

Marble on my desktop

Marble is a virtual globe and world atlas. You can learn a lot about planet Earth by using it. It is written in Qt and cross platform.  Among the different features some are:

  • It can fetch data from Wikipedia
  • It can measure distance between places
  • OpenStreet map support
  • GPS device support
  • Shows satellite view
  • It also renders real time cloud over Earth
You can find the video here.


How to find your disk usage ?
Posted: 2008-08-31T03:02:26+05:30

In this video I tried to explain two commands, du and df .


New videos: Python tuple, list, dictionary and string objects
Posted: 2008-08-31T03:00:49+05:30

I just upload few more videos at tv. These are on different python object/data structure available. To know more read here.


Paul W. Frields is going to talk on Fedora Docs
Posted: 2008-08-27T19:37:28+05:30

Paul W. Frields, the fearless Fedora Project Leader and long time contributor to the Fedora Docs project, is going to conduct a session on Fedora Docs as part of dgplug’s summer training.

Venu: #dgplug  on Date Time: September 4 , Thursday, 13:00 UTC

Máirín Duffy already conducted a session on Fedora Art , you can read the log here.


From BrokenMoko to OpenMoko, a late night journey
Posted: 2008-08-27T14:52:38+05:30

Last few days I was looking for a GPS device to test how they work and if I can do some OpenStreet Map work and I am not in condition to buy anything.

A BrokenMoko was lying on the table we use, from the time I came to Pune. TangoGPS is the GPS application in it. I tried a lot to figure out how to use that and failed. Later at night joined #openmoko , people (Specially Zorkman and Dave) tried to help me in every known way so that I can turn that on. Figured out the unit was running some FSO build (no idea what it is).

Finally around 1AM , <Zorkman> asked me to install some 2008.8 build into the SD card and boot from there. They told me all steps one by one :) Steps are:

  • Connect the OpenMoko to your system , create a USB connection
  • write a proper /etc/resolv.conf
  • Prepare the SD card by partitioning and formatting.
  • Download these roofs and kernel.
  • on the FR: mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/mokokernel
  • scp 20080826-asu-stable-uImage.bin root@
  • on the FR: mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt/moko
  • scp 20080826-asu-stable-rootfs.tar.gz root@
  • on the FR:tar -C /tmp/20080826-asu-stable-rootfs.tar.gz -xzvf /mnt/moko
  • download
  • Read how to flash
  • Boot from SD
  • opkg update && opkg install gpsd
  • opkg install
  • echo GPS_DEV=“/dev/ttySAC1” > /etc/default/gpsd
  • Turn on GPS hardware from setting menu
  • on the FR: /etc/init.d/gpsd start
  • edit your ~/.gconf/apps/tangogps/%gconf.xml and replace it with this.
  • edit /usr/share/themes/Moko/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and replace it with this.
  • Now fire tangogps and enjoy
Don’t forget to get out of the house to test it :)


Learn more about KDE 4.1 panel
Posted: 2008-08-23T23:56:54+05:30

This video will help you to learn more about KDE 4.1 panel.


Introduction to Fedora, part 2, KDE Desktop
Posted: 2008-08-23T18:38:35+05:30

Uploaded the second part of the beginners video. This is on KDE desktop (Version 4.1). You can find it here.


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