Posted: 2009-05-12T09:28:44+05:30

After reading Richard’s entry, I decided to try hugin again with autopano-sift-C package from rpmfusion.

The result: 360 degree view of my apartment area

360 degree view


OLPC Pune meet and photo management
Posted: 2009-04-06T10:28:22+05:30

This Sunday I went to OLPC Pune meet to give a talk on activity development. The students seem be very enthusiastic. The talk lasted for around 2 hours. Photos can be found here.

On the other side, I was looking for a photo catalogue software which can catalogue my photos on DVD or any other removable media, it should  also allow me to search them based on EXIF data and tags and should show thumbnail(s) in the result. I generally use digikam and gthumb too manage and view the photos. In digikam I never being properly able to catalogue photos on DVD (never tried on the last few updates) and gthumb is too slow in showing the thumbnail or full screen views for the large size photos I take. I prefer gthumb over over digikam to view the photos due to the simpler UI.

Finally decided to write my own app for this, which will not have any editing features, Gimp is the tool I use for editing. Watch this video (3.2MB) and please comment if the  thumbnail creation / viewing is fast or not ?


Posted: 2009-03-29T14:28:38+05:30

In the mid of action


Some updates
Posted: 2009-01-05T17:21:43+05:30

Took some nice vacation from IRC in the last week. Now back on track again. In the current todo list:

  • Implementing the Jukebox ideas
  • Work on more PyQt videos
Also found the third eye: Can you find me in that ?

The Eye


FOSS.IN 2008 shots
Posted: 2008-12-04T15:01:35+05:30

So, finally managed to upload most of the shots taken at 2008. View them here. Few more may come later. Mostly edited in Gimp and managed in digikam. Enjoy :)

Through the lenses: The Beautiful Eye


Through my lenses: FOSS.IN 2008
Posted: 2008-12-02T21:13:17+05:30

You can find my event report here (11MB). This is my first try to make something like this. Nicu helped a lot with my poor spelling mistakes. Comments are welcome.


Attack of the clones
Posted: 2008-11-11T00:31:17+05:30

Attack of the Clones

I followed this. We need video tutorials on digikam like these.


How to change exposure of raw photos in showfoto ?
Posted: 2008-11-03T16:39:36+05:30

Can we change exposure of raw photos in showfoto ? Ufraw gimp-plugins allows me to do this very easily.I.t is called “Exposure compensation in EV” there

In one day of usage this is something I am really missing.

Update: Found the solution , goto settings, there goto image editor and select “Use Raw import tool for Raw images”


Strobist meet
Posted: 2008-05-26T14:14:55+05:30

With warming gel

Yesterday we had a strobist meet , it was kind of boot camp.

Had a very little(2 hours) sleep in Friday night and got ready at 4.00AM , taxi came, I went to pick up Sushma. We reached MG Road on time and then found Akshath was still at home waiting for others. Finally we (me , Sushma, Akshath, Manas, Arpita) started around 6am. Avinash and Rajesh were in the other car. Around 8 reached at the hotel where Danny and Sunil put up, had a quick breakfast.

Then we went down to the river through a pass just beside the hotel. Akshath already briefed us about the basics. I tried couple of shots in the manual mode. I always used to shoot in Aperture priority mode. We divided it two groups and people started trying different ideas. I don’t think Sushma was never bored so much in a day before :(

Enjoying the place

Around 1:30 we went to another resort for lunch which went upto 4, then as some of started doing hard light shots others took some rest. Suddenly rain came :) Had some fun while running for cover :P

After the rain stopped we again came back to the first hotel and start shooting with many strobes. Below you can see some nice setup shots :p Can some one fix this Don't fall please

As far as the learning, I learnt the basics and understood that I have to do lot of experiments to reach a stable phase to understand it. Anyway I moved to manual and thats a huge thing for me :D

You saw the first photo, now the same without warming gel Without warming Gel The set can be found here.


Side effects of photo collective at BarCampbangalore 4
Posted: 2007-08-09T01:03:02+05:30

Yes, side effect. She bought a new camera, started taking pictures of fruits I bought, so, no eating :( I also started looking at things. Result : I borrowed Nikon D70 from Jace and started experiments .

You can read more about Barcamp Bangalore here.


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