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Missing rubygem json-canonicalization 0.3.2

I did not upgrade our mastodon server to 4.2.0 from 4.1.9 for a long time. Finally while doing so in the morning, I got the following error with the bundle install command.

Your bundle is locked to json-canonicalization (0.3.2) from rubygems repository
https://rubygems.org/ or installed locally, but that version can no longer be
found in that source. That means the author of json-canonicalization (0.3.2) has
removed it. You'll need to update your bundle to a version other than
json-canonicalization (0.3.2) that hasn't been removed in order to install.

I have no clue about how Ruby works, but somehow only updating the lockfile via bundle lock --update json-canonicalization did not help. Finally updated the Gemfile.lock file to have json-canonicalization (0.3.3) manually. That solved the issue and I could continue with the update steps.

Tor sysadmin 101 workshop for new relay operators

Tor log

On 4th June, at 19:00 UTC, we are doing an online workshop to help out new relay operators. If you ever wanted to help the Tor Project, or just curious about what is required to become a relay/bridge operator, you should join into the workshop.

The workshop is specially geared towards folks who are new to the land of Internet facing services. You will get to chat with many other operators and people from the Tor Project, and ask any doubts you have.

Register for the event, and share the news at your local groups/lists. Ask your friends to join :)