Summer Training 2009 started
Posted: 2009-06-25T21:18:35+05:30

So, we started :) Thank you all for participating. IRC logs can be found here.

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It is raining outside
Posted: 2009-06-22T10:33:50+05:30

It is raining outside.

It is raining outside

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Eternal Love
Posted: 2009-06-06T16:10:43+05:30

Eternal Love

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Pony v0.2 released
Posted: 2009-06-03T17:14:19+05:30

I just released Pony v0.2 . It is still under constant development and will go some db changes before v1 release. Please delete .pony.db under your home before using the new release.

$rm ~/.pony.db

Viewing an Image

Among new features one can now see the EXIF information of an image.

Showing EXIF information

Deleting tag option is also added.

Showing tags

Get the source or rpms from here.

Now I have to add TODO file as too many things need to be fixed. If you have any suggestions please mail me or file a ticket.


Posted: 2009-04-14T10:46:25+05:30
  • Feeling sick
  • No drinking water at home
  • Need to fix a new house
  • Need to find a packers and movers to move to new house
  • Have to find a way to stay connected in the new house


আলো আঁধার
Posted: 2009-04-10T12:38:23+05:30

কম নয় কোনোটাই। শুন্যতা বা ওই যে দূরের পাখি, থাকবে ওরা।


Laptop is not booting up
Posted: 2009-04-09T10:51:41+05:30

From today morning my Dell Latitude D630 is not booting. Called service center , the guy asked me to press different kind of key combos for troubleshoot. Then he asaked me to open the keyboard which is a real bad idea as I can damage the system. After a big argument on this finally they agreed to send an engineer with required parts.

Asking a user to work/open the hardware is not at all a good practice, don’t know why they keep asking the same.

Meanwhile view this (less than 1MB), I hope that code is safe in my broken box :)


Summer training 2009
Posted: 2009-03-29T21:07:43+05:30

You can find the wiki page here. This year we want to make groups such that there are two students in a group and make them work on any upstream project or  a new project. They should start the work of finding the project ideas within first two weeks of the program.  Comments/suggestions are welcome.

We have added a few buzz words in the poster to attract students. Generally students prefer to go to different small institutions to do summer project where most of the times they pay a good amount to get a certificate. Trying to change the situation slowly.

Thanks to Nicu for the poster.


Posted: 2009-03-29T14:28:38+05:30

In the mid of action


Happy Holi
Posted: 2009-03-11T17:56:05+05:30


Happy Holi to everyone. I played holi after 5 years this time.

The colour of India


Attack of the clones

Check the full set here.


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