translation-filter 0.0.4 is released
Posted: 2009-07-08T23:23:50+05:30

translation-filter-kde 0.0.4

You can download the source from here.

Documentation can be found here.

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Yet Another Accident
Posted: 2009-07-07T11:07:15+05:30

Yesterday early morning around 6.20AM I heard noise from a open tap in the kitchen. As there is a shortage of water in Pune, water comes only for 2.30 hours in the morning. So, I went to kitchen to close the tap and slipped as water overflowed to everywhere. Saved my body mostly with both hands but the head came down very fast and the chin hit the floor very hard. I stood up and figured out blood everywhere. Stopped the blood using my tee only.

Ran to the Noble Hospital’s emergency room. They started cleaning the blood and gave the initial first aid. Went for X-ray and after they said nothing broken stitching started. Total 5 stitches and 4 injections :( Btw, this hospital is better than the ones I went in Bangalore if you compare the service and care for the patients.

Can not even laugh as it pains a lot and doctor said stitches may break if I laugh :(

From today morning feeling pain on the sides of both hands.

I don’t know why all these strange accidents happen to me always. After every few months something happens.

Also few nights back almost hit an elephant while returning to home from office at night, thought I will overtake it easily but a speeding car from the other direction changed the story. Luckily brake worked on time and stopped just few inches behind the elephant.

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lekhonee v0.6 released
Posted: 2009-07-03T16:05:46+05:30

I just released lekhonee v0.6 . Download the source.

For RPM(s) , download from koji.

New features and fixes:

  • Preview option fixed in the KDE based frontend, old menu based options removed
  • Editing option for the last 10 blog posts. Users please tell me if you need to get more
  • Insert Link error in the gnome frontend is fixed
  • Add categories is also working under gnome frontend (forgot to write code in the last release)
  • “Save Draft” option on the gnome frontend is also working (Again forgot to write the code)

If you want to go back from the “Old Posts” list in the gnome frontend , just select anything the list and press “Escape”, in KDE one, there is a button on top to handle this.

To edit the entries you have to double click on the post title.


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lekhonee 0.5 released
Posted: 2009-07-01T10:22:23+05:30

You can downlod it from here. Lekhonee is a desktop client for Wordpress.

New features:

  • Tag support
  • UI improvement for editing last entry
  • Bug #507518 fixed

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Summer Training 2009 started
Posted: 2009-06-25T21:18:35+05:30

So, we started :) Thank you all for participating. IRC logs can be found here.

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It is raining outside
Posted: 2009-06-22T10:33:50+05:30

It is raining outside.

It is raining outside

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Lekhonee v0.4 released
Posted: 2009-06-17T21:27:08+05:30

I am happy to announce the release of Lekhonee 0.4 .You can download the source from here. RPM(s) for Fedora 11 are available in the project homepage.

The main features of this release:

  • Simplified configuration system
  • Fixed bugs on creating new blog entries
  • Editing last entered entry related issues fixed
  • A new front-end for Gnome is introduced
  • A small self advertisement message will be added at the end of the blog posts, can be turned off using ‘Edit’ menu.
The main change in this release is of course the front-end for Gnome. I tried to keep both KDE and Gnome based UI(s) look alike. Btw, you have to enter password everytime you run the application as I am not saving the password any more.

Lekhonee kde based frontend

Lekhonee frontend from Gnome

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Pony v0.2 released
Posted: 2009-06-03T17:14:19+05:30

I just released Pony v0.2 . It is still under constant development and will go some db changes before v1 release. Please delete .pony.db under your home before using the new release.

$rm ~/.pony.db

Viewing an Image

Among new features one can now see the EXIF information of an image.

Showing EXIF information

Deleting tag option is also added.

Showing tags

Get the source or rpms from here.

Now I have to add TODO file as too many things need to be fixed. If you have any suggestions please mail me or file a ticket.


Who wants a pony ?
Posted: 2009-05-28T17:09:50+05:30

If you want one you can grab from here.

Pony is a simple image manager written in PyKDE4.


Few weeks back I lost my external hdd where I kept most of the photographs I took in last two year. It is kind of heartbreaking. But first thing came in my mind is not to get into this kind of situation again. So, decided to backup photos also in DVD(s).

But the problems started at the same time, if I do so, how can I figure out which photo is in which disk ? I know digikam is having a feature like this (to have external collections) but last time when I tried that it never worked. Though I am mostly a KDE user but I was using gthumb as image viewer except when I click on dolphin which opens up gwenview.

My workflow:

  1. Take photographs
  2. Copy them in hdd using File browser (Dolphin)
  3. View them using gthumb
  4. if required right and edit using gimp
  5. Upload the image to flickr

As I keep my photographs ordered in directories, gthumb is very helpful and I like the UI as it does not provide most of the fancy stuffs other image managers do.

After looking for few days I decided to write my own image manager which can suite properly with the simple workflow I follow.

The design goals:

  • It takes some amout of time to create thumbnails when the user visits a folder first time, but after that it stays fast as I really don’t mind for the time on the first view. I tried with a folder which contained 13GB images.
  • Currently shows only jpeg images as we generally keep photos in that format
  • One can add tags to the images, currently no edit tag option is available
  • One can search based on tags (implemented), name or EXIF data or based on dates
  • Even if the file is in an external media it should show the thumbnail
  • It is having a flickr uploader. Currently it only adds title,tags,description. Photosets and privacy&safety will work in future releases
  • One should be able to add/edit/delete external medias as catalogs

Now this is a very basic form of the code base continously being hacked. Most of the planned stuffs still needs to be written. To get the thumbnails fast I kept them in db (still the db seems to be small ) and used a web framework based ORM to do so, yes it is Django :p. I know one may complain of this dependency but it is so nice that I couldn’t leave it :)

MathStuf and Kevin_Kofler in #fedora-kde , #qt and Riddell ,pinotree, annma helped a lot to learn different pieces of KDE and Qt. nicubunu did extensive testing from the very beginning. Thank you guys for your support.

I still need to improve the UI so any help is welcome :)

Btw, the name of the project came as suggestion from sankarshan and mether.


Reliance NetConnect NetworkManager and data usage
Posted: 2009-05-15T15:30:16+05:30

As I moved into a new apartment I am using a Reliance NetConnect these days. It is having a 10GB data usage per month limit. I was looking for a way to keep the record data usage by this device. There are couple of applications which shows current usage very well, but they don’t provide proper solution to record and query the usage records. So I started poking around nm-applet to find a way to record the data usage, Dan Williams helped a lot by reviewing the patch and we continously discussed to imporve in this area. Dan will probably make this feature available in future by NetworkManager codebase itself.

So, for the time being if you are using any mobile broadband device and want to track your usage record, I have patched versions of network-manager-applet available (patched against the latest svn trunk).

Download: the patch, NetworkManager srpm, F-10 rpm, F-11 rpm Dan is having a better verion of the patch here which I will put in a later release of the rpm.

Now this is a old version as of RPM release is considered. You have to remove your current NetworkManager-gnome package then install this new one. After that you have to relogin or reboot. To gather the data properly you have to “disconnect” through nm-applet only.

To view your usage use this python script. ./nm-data-usage will give you today’s access record, if you want to have current month’s usage record ./nm-data-usage -m

Access record for May 2009

Connection Date Started Stopped Data IN Data OUT

reliance    08/05/09        12:12:45        12:12:55            0 KB                    0 KB
reliance    08/05/09        12:13:39        12:21:32         7.46 MB                  680 KB
reliance    08/05/09        12:56:25        14:49:45        46.73 MB                 4.95 MB
reliance    08/05/09        17:34:49        17:36:38          804 KB                  104 KB
reliance    08/05/09        17:47:56        17:55:19         3.48 MB                  919 KB
reliance    08/05/09        17:55:22        18:22:40         6.17 MB                 1.57 MB
reliance    08/05/09        18:35:46        18:39:59          821 KB                   77 KB
reliance    08/05/09        19:23:07        01:12:02        55.71 MB                 9.70 MB
reliance    09/05/09        08:22:49        08:37:26         4.18 MB                  996 KB
reliance    09/05/09        08:37:57        09:34:09        13.14 MB                 3.82 MB
reliance    09/05/09        09:34:11        09:46:55        13.86 MB                 3.98 MB
reliance    10/05/09        07:56:21        11:12:18         7.73 MB                 2.63 MB
reliance    10/05/09        12:15:53        12:18:16          944 KB                  222 KB
reliance    10/05/09        12:18:47        12:19:30            5 KB                    0 KB
reliance    10/05/09        12:19:35        12:52:21         4.52 MB                 1.35 MB
reliance    10/05/09        12:52:38        13:08:07         6.03 MB                 1.59 MB
reliance    10/05/09        13:08:09        13:24:03        10.18 MB                 2.60 MB
reliance    11/05/09        19:32:38        21:11:37        14.71 MB                 2.94 MB
reliance    11/05/09        21:12:11        21:13:15          753 KB                   71 KB
reliance    11/05/09        21:22:41        21:33:53          714 KB                   69 KB
reliance    11/05/09        21:41:12        05:41:15        65.19 MB                 9.41 MB
reliance    12/05/09        06:24:25        08:19:35            1 KB                    1 KB
      sm    15/05/09        12:42:55        12:44:34          242 KB                   93 KB

Total data usage : 310.00 MB in current month

I will improve this script to do better query in future.


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